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Encourage travelers to discover new experiences

We search and show you the best accommodation listings from our database with over 550K listings.


With the New recommendation engine, we will use Machine Learning to show you relevant Flight + Accommodation combinations that suit your preferred budget

Data Acquisition

Using our huge database of travelers, we are able to analyze and match your profile to a suitable product just customised for you

Science by Travel.

With the recent advances in technology, we have begun to really measure and quantify what it is to be happy and consequently, the optimal way to live your life and achieve happiness. WithTravel uses machine learning to recommend your travel plans according to your budget.

Meet the Team

BD, sales, marketing, admin, and everything except developing and designing.I am from Hokuto-shi, Hokkaido Japan.Graduated in UCLA with Aerospace Engineering B.S.
Yoshihisa Haruyama
Developing all except app and design.I am from Aomori-shi in Aomori prefecture Japan.Graduated in Gunma university with computer science B.S.
Takayuki Kanehira
Global brand designer. User experience and interface design.
Ewe Jin Tee
Chief Designer
Product and Data officer
Chief Product Officer
Leder, Android App Engineer. From Vietnam, graduated Hanoi University of Science & Technology with ICT bachelor degree at Hedspi.
Huy Tran
Android App Engineer
Project Manager
Kentaro Tada
Front End Developer
Satomi Suzuki
Social Media
Gerard James
Director, Business Dev, SEA
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atta is a accommodations metasearch service that uses big data and machine learning to predict the best time to book to get the best deals. We cover over 1 million hotels and vacation rentals all around the globe.

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Singapore Office

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#03-02 Singapore 208561